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Billy Tsopotos



"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw


Billy’s passion for hair started at a young age. He would tell me stories of how he would watch his grandfathers morning routine. Shaving, cleansing and prepping for his day. He was a barber in his local village in Greece. Billy started to take great pride, care and daily maintenance to keep his hair looking exactly the way he wanted. Whether that was travelling across the city to have the hottest stylist do his hair, to discovering his own personal talent in creating his own look, he was a perfectionist. It was only a matter of time that he enrolled at Marca College in Toronto. There his passion grew exponentially. He was a dedicated student, but always found a way to have some fun :) Billy left last impressions on his teachers and we always felt the door was open to us at Marca if there was anything we needed. It was truly serendipitous when we moved to our house to find that one of his favourite instructors Rosie lived just around the corner.


As Billy’s career progressed he always looked for leadership and mentorship amongst his peers. It has been beautiful to receive message from other aquantainces and colleagues that Billy was exactly that as well for many people. Billy’s dream was always to have his own salon. This vision for him was so clear that nothing was going to stop him. As our relationship grew, I knew in my heart that we were going to do it.


BHHStudio was the very beginning. It was our humble apartment where we set everything up to meticulously mimic a salon. It was pretty special. Those of you who know…know. I will cherish those memories from apartment 1010. A few years later Salon Ten Ten was born, paying homage to our beginnings. We designed, created and saw our vision come to life. We were nominated for a Canadian Mirror award in 2017 for ‘Best New Salon Design’. We saw our name in lights so to speak on the big screen, and it was a beautiful night to remember. Eric, Billy and myself attended that ceremony. The original crew was born. Thank you to Eric for your loyalty, your friendship to Billy and staying solid with us through it all.


As many of you know, sitting in Billy’s chair was an experience. The haircut was secondary. But it was a damn good cut. He loved to boast about his latest culinary creations often leaving the entire salon very hungry. Our garden became a focal point of convos, lawn maintenance and ways to keep critters out of our veggie garden. Billy would share tips, gain insight and share with his clients his knowledge in these new experiences.


Billy's spirit and legacy will live on in the hearts of all his clients. His magic will always be with us. “Welcome Back!” “New man!” “Great to see you, darling.” “Now there’s the (clients name) I recognize!” We're sure many of you can hear his voice in these words.


Billy’s energy will always be with us. His infectious laugh, his bright smile and his positivity will continue to live on within the walls of Salon Ten Ten. I am grateful to have had this amazing life with a wonderful soul, cut too short but irreplaceable. We will continue to carry out his dream, with all of you, in the house that Billy built.










Rest in paradise Billy, we will see you soon.

Thank you Salon Ten Ten community.

Hilary Comiskey

Hilary: TeamMember
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